• Affordable Price

With our main therapy, Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy starting from $50, you can get your tiredness and soreness solved while also help you maintain a calm and energized mind and body. We do not force our clients into buying packages as we understand that most people do not like to fork out one big amount of money.

  • Personalized Services

We thrive to make sure that all clients will leave feeling satisfied physically, mentally and emotionally so we will be concerned about the troubles that they are facing and their intentions of getting our services. We will provide our best help catering to every individual’s needs. We offer health analysis to better understand our clients body and health conditions so that we could give them a personalized way of giving our therapy and offer the best advice and recommendations. We believe that health problems are not always due to poor eating habits but also may due to poor lifestyles and bad emotions. Other factors could also have an impact towards our health and well-being such as being effected by evil eye, jealousy, black magic and curse.

  • Comfortable Therapy Rooms

Providing a clean, comfortable and privacy environment. HijamaTeam provides a place for you to rest your body and soul while our therapists energies your body through the use of Hijama wet cupping therapy and other complementary health services. Hygiene and cleanliness are important to us.

  • Male & Female Experienced Therapists Available

Ladies and gentlemen are both welcome to enjoy our services. Mr. Hassan Sulaiman and Ms. Nur Ain Hassan have been active in providing Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy and other complementary health services since 2009 till now and they are doing these as Full-Time. They studied these health therapies from many experts from Indonesia and Malaysia.